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Removal companies In London

  • Whether you are just moving around the corner, next door or to another area of the city, choosing the best removal company for your house or commercial removal can make a huge difference.

How to Prepare for the Move? 

  • Be sure to have a floor plan ready for the next property you are moving in. Ask your estate agent to provide one. Make a plan for the room which indicates what needs to go where. House removals provide color coding and stickers to help further.  
  • Finish everything in the freezer at least a week before moving 
  • Consider the move as a chance to clean up and throw all the waste away and the stuffs you really don’t need. Transporting things that of no use don’t make sense.  
  • If you are looking for the convenience and protection of packaging team, help them up to get everything organized. Be sure that the faster things get packed, the quicker you can move and unpack at the other destination.  
  • Don’t ignore the shed and the loft. 
  • Don’t put everything in a large heap. Leave your stuffs in the rooms and let the cream to work on and plan properly.  


Why Should You Hire a Removal Company? 

Never forget the amount of mental and physical stress it needs to move all the households of your house to a new location. Packing the boxes is just one thing but lifting and uplifting them to and from the vans and up and down the stairs is truly exhausting. It is more frustrating when you are running out of time to leave the property.  If you have lots of antiques, valuables and fragile items and a remarkable amount of shift, it is vital to choose the best London Removals that will take care of the rest. Hence, you can focus on managing the rest of the move.   


Get Several Quotes 

Be sure to get a lot of professional quotes in advance before the proposed date of completion. Consider the service you will get, the price you will be offered for, and the time when they will conduct the move. For more convenience and ease, a lot of London Removals Companies provide packing solutions too. So, you can be assured to get everything you need for the move.  


Most of them also offer instant quote online. But it is wise to ask for an informed assessment from the agency. A lot of removal agencies send their inspector for home inspection who will notice what you have to be moved. This way, they can give you more accurate price quote and it will help you pick the best removal company.  


Take Enough Time for Yourself 

The quotation process is likely to take a few weeks and you need another few weeks to find out the available date. So, it is important to take enough time for yourself to pick the right company. Keep in mind that several removal companies have advance bookings for weeks. So, it is important to start finding out the removal company before your due completion date.  


Plan in Advance 

Provide enough details of access points and layout the property to the removal company, if possible. This way, they will understand what to expect when they reach there. For instance, will your furniture be passed through the doors or if there is any other route to get there, or how many stair flights they have to deal with.  


Ask for Insurance 

A lot of removal companies offer dedicated in-transit insurance against any breakage or loss of the property on transit. Be sure to get insured before moving. Also get in touch with your home insurer to know if your insurance policy will cover your property on the move.  



It is always wise to ensure that the Removal Company you are hiring has membership with either The National Guild of Removers & Storers or The British Association of Removers. Both of these organizations provide excellence to the house and commercial removals for the benefits of both customers and the companies. They are dedicated to set code of conduct and standards for the members. This way, you can rest assured with their conduct and professionalism.  


Negotiating the Price 

If you are comfortable, find out if they provide any discounts. Keep in mind that hiring the removals at peak times, i.e. during school holidays and Saturdays, is more expensive because they receive huge demand at these times. If possible, arrange and try to move on weekday when it will be cheaper to hire them and you can have more chances of getting discount.  


Choose Company with Positive Recommendations 

Asking your family member or friends is, probably, the best way to find the best removal company. It takes a lot of uncertainty away around expectations of the services.  

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